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P.O. Box 272
Douglas, MI 49406
United States


Mi Coast is an Original Michigan Apparel Brand comprised of Pure Michigan original designs, hand silkscreened Active Lifestyle Clothing, made in Michigan. Soft high quality T-Shirts, Baseball and Trucker Hats, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Tank Tops, Tees, Beach Towels, Sweatshirt Blankets and more. We design Michigan Inspired Wine Glasses, Beer Mugs, Coffee, Camp Mugs, and our own line of Jams, Honey, Water Bottles and Candles, Michigan Stickers and Decals. We pride ourselves on giving back with every purchase- "What you wear makes a difference, it's not just a tagline it's a way of life at Mi Coast".  That's why with every Mi Coast purchase a portion of our sales go back to supporting coastal conservation clean up efforts along the Michigan Coast! Come Join the Mi Coast movement and help keep our Coastlines clean, safe and accessible for all to enjoy for years to come. 


mi coast is a registered Trademark and Copyright 2018 all rights reserved. 

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mi coast

what you wear makes a difference.

it's not just a tag-line its a way of life at mi coast. 


At Mi Coast we take the coastlines and beaches of the Great State of Michigan very serious.

In fact a portion of every purchase at Mi Coast goes back to helping support Coastal Conservation and Beach Clean up efforts.  

Mi Coast was born out of a desire to give back and help do our part to preserve the coasts of our Great Lakes.  Our passion to build a Brand that was supporting an active lifestyle and stood for something of importance was the backbone of our development. 

Mi Coast is committed to providing the best quality products, inspired by, designed, hand made and silkscreened right here in Michigan. 

What's not to love about Michigan- It’s where adventure begins and life happens. It nurtures healthy minds and bodies. It’s where you build character and confidence, and it’s a place where you can break free and have fun.

Take off on an adventure in any direction through Michigan and you are guaranteed to end up on the coast. From the sand dunes of Lake Michigan, to the shear cliffs of Lake Superior. Down the eastern shores of Lake Huron to the southern edges of Lake Erie. The coastline of Michigan surrounds you and you’re never more than 85 miles from a beach – and a moment of inspiration.

We believe in sharing with others our passion and love for outdoor living along the coast, as well as our desire to preserve our lakes and coastlines for everyone to enjoy!  So whether you call it home or call it your home away from home, Mi Coast is a brand worth wearing, celebrating and joining in our journey to coastal preservation!