MI Coast Brand Ambassador Tiers, Terms & Application

Thank you for your interest in joining the MI Coast® Brand Ambassador Team.

Review all of the information below thoroughly. If this sounds like the right opportunity for you, awesome! Please fill out the application at the bottom of the page and submit it for review. 

If you have any other questions email tom@micoast.com to find out more.

As a MI Coast Brand Ambassador you will have the opportunity to advance in your potential percentage earned from corresponding sales through tiers. The more sales associated to your personal ambassador code, the higher the tier you advance and the larger the percentage you can earn.

Personal Ambassador Code: As a MI Coast Brand Ambassador you will receive a personal code that you can share with friends, family and your social media followers. This code will give them access to a 10% discount on items they purchase online. This is a unique code associated with you and will be used to track any sales associated with you as a Brand Ambassador.*

First Tier: The entry level tier give you a 5% commission for every sale made by someone using your personal brand ambassador code. Bonus: You will also receive a 50% discount that can be used one time for items up to $100. These items are for you but can be very useful for you to post and share your love for the brand and the rewards of being a brand ambassador!**

Second Tier: Once your sales volume associated with your personal ambassador code has achieved $500 you will be elevated to the Second Tier which will earn you 7.5% commission for every sale made after that.*** Bonus: You will also receive a 50% discount that can be used one time for items up to $250. Obviously you are rocking it. We want you to rock it in style with your new MI Coast Gear

Third Tier: When you have reached a volume of $1500 in sales associated with your personal ambassador code you will be elevated to the Third Tier which will earn you 10% commission for every sale made after that. Excellent Job!! Bonus: You will also receive a 50% discount that can be used one time for items up to $500. Way to go!! You can now a new wardrobe all thanks to your hard work and joining the MI Coast Brand Ambassador Team.

Referral Bonus: Receive a $25 Gift card for MI Coast products for any approved ambassador that you refer.

*Mi Coast CAN NOT be held responsible for any purchases made online where a guest did not enter / or forgot to enter a code.

**Codes and discounts CAN NOT be combined

***Tiers reset to the next lower tier after 90 days of no sales associated with your personal ambassador code


All potential MI Coast Brand Ambassadors must read, acknowledge and comply with the rules, guidelines, terms and policies set forth by this program.

We are fully committed to making this a positive, fun and safe experience for all involved.

Approval process to become a MI Coast Brand Ambassador: The MI Coast team will review and approve each Brand Ambassador candidate. We are looking for individuals who share our same passions for Small Businesses with handcrafted unique products, a love of Michigan and the Great Lakes that surround us. We are looking for candidates who promote positivity, have a robust social media following and engage with their followers regularly. Lastly, we are looking for energized individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who want to succeed and grow with us.

The type of posts we are looking for: We are a family owned small business and we want posts that represent the MI Coast brand in a positive lite. That said we are looking for fun engaging images of people in everyday situations. Think of what inspires you. Get creative. Get outside. Take a hike. Head to the beach. Enjoy a sunrise or a sunset. Take a road trip. Gather your crew and do a beach clean-up. Have an adventure. Have fun and most importantly, take MI Coast along with you!

Posts and other interactions requirements: We require at least a 60/40 split of posts as a Brand Ambassador. We ask for 3-4 posts a week where you would tag #micoast and @mi.coast. Of these post we ask that 60% feature MI Coast products, ie., clothing, glassware, hats, stickers... 40% of your posts tagging MI Coast can be of other inspirational images that represent Michigan, nature, clean-up efforts, sunsets...  Each of these featured posts should have a link to www.micoast.com and your Personal Ambassador Code with wording promoting the 10% discount and directions on how they should use it.

Candidate Status: Each Candidate must be able to prove that they are of legal working age and status.

Does a MI Coast Brand Ambassador have to live in Michigan? No!! We have a fan base in all 50 states and in several other countries outside of the US.

General guidelines: No tagging on MI Coast branded content (social media sites) with your personal ambassador code. No tagging other ambassadors posts with your code. No posting of negative comments toward Mi Coast and/or other ambassadors. No adding your unique ambassador code to coupon sites, not cool. These actions or any other harmful actions will result in your code being revoked and you being removed as an ambassador.

Post NOT ACCEPTED: Posts can NOT feature tobacco of any type. Please limit posts with alcohol to only those using the MI Coast Branded glassware. Obviously NO UNDERAGE DRINKING


Keep it clean and wholesome: Do not tag MI Coast in any posts that are provocative or any posts that contain indecent images. Once again, be mindful that you are representing the MI Coast Brand. We ask that posts promote positivity, Michigan, nature, environmental efforts, and a small business community.

Payment Process: We will track your posts and calculate your sales associated with your Personal Ambassador Code on the 15th of each month. We will then issue you a payment via Venmo in the next 7-10 business days. Ambassadors will be issued a 1099 at the end of the year and will be responsible for filing taxes in conjunction with this program.

MI Coast CAN NOT be held responsible for any purchases made online where a guest did not enter / or forgot to enter a code. It is your responsibility to promote and educate you friends, family and followers on how to use your Personal Ambassador Code.

MI Coast reserves the right to revoke your status as a Brand Ambassador at any time: If we feel that you are not representing our brand in a positive and professional manor we will revoke your status and contact our social media outlets and ask that they block you from engaging, tagging and commenting on posts related to MI Coast.